The Story So Far – Where it all started

The project emerged initially as part of an ongoing programme of sustainable development initiatives supported by Stafford Borough Council and working with partners across the Borough. Initiatives such as Stafford Farmers’ Market, a lively Eco-Schools Network, an annual Green Awards competition, new Local Nature Reserves and wildlife conservation projects, and a Back 2 Bikes bike recycling project, and many more, had all come into being by this time.

In 2008 an opportunity to bid into funding related to a Government initiative called ‘Learning to Deliver’ arose and Derrington was put forward as a candidate community to see how communities could work together to reduce their carbon footprint specifically and their environmental impact in general.   Discussions with people in the village were really positive and there was clearly much enthusiasm and support for such a project. Thus an inaugural meeting was held at the Red Lion pub in early 2009 and a ‘steering group’ was born, along with the name of our new project ‘Derrington Way Ahead’.   Thus was created Stafford Borough’s first ‘pilot low carbon community’!

If you’d like to read more details of why Derrington was chosen, how we started this fascinating project, and the activities carried out, please click on the links below:

Why Derrington?

Our initial Community Consultation Questionnaire – what shall we do?!

A very busy first year – including an Evaluation Exercise

Another busy two years! 2010-2011 

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