Our consultation survey showed that people were concerned about rising energy bills, energy efficiency and climate change.

So, with grant funding from various sources, we were able to offer Home Energy Visits to householders within the village. Beat the Cold worked with us on this initiative and by November 2009 54 Home Energy Surveys and Reports completed (15% of households in village). An Evaluation Survey and Report was completed in December 2009.


Beat the Cold, through their Energy Advisor Jules, were able to benefit many households and help people in various ways. They provided:

  • an Energy Performance Report (EPR), which involved collecting data on the heating systems, heating controls, lighting, the size of the property and checking electric meters.
  • a household carbon footprint, based on data relating to behaviour and lifestyle, as a baseline from which to make improvements
  • expert bespoke advice on the most suitable ways to save energy, money and reduce carbon emissions in each home visited
  • opportunities for direct energy monitoring via the distribution of a dozen energy monitors which were passed on from household to household enabling residents to monitor their real time energy usage and differentiate between the electricity consumption of different electrical items
  • information, help and support depending on the clients’ needs eg linking to partner organizations e.g. Orbit, making referrals where necessary, helping access grants for loft and cavity wall insulation, switching to Social Tariffs
  • a raised awareness of the wider issue of climate change and how householders can become more sustainable in general

After each home visit householders received a reusable bag (promoting local food and the Staffs OC3 climate change project), a Derrington-focused ‘thermometer card’, a ‘flush and save bag’ for the lavatory, a fridge thermometer and either a computer or a TV Powerdown kit!

Further detail of the support given, recommendations, advice, contents of the home energy report etc are given in the full evaluation report from Beat the Cold.

The data suggests that Derrington’s residents have an average carbon footprint/person 7.6 tonnes of CO2 with the highest emissions at 30 tonnes and the lowest at 3.4 tonnes. The average per person in the UK is around 10 tonnes. So, we’re not doing too badly, but there’s plenty of room to improve, to reduce our bills and reduce our environmental impact.

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