solar panels

The Village Hall was the focus of a large chunk of our efforts, working with the Village Hall Committee. 

The Village had many problems. Energy systems at the Hall were aged and inefficient, electricity and oil consumption rates were high resulting in excessive fuel costs. The building lacked effective heating control, Flat roof areas were un-insulated, allowing significant heat loss – and were also discoloured and unsightly. 

These issues affected the quality of the Village Hall as a community facility and resulted in the need to pass costs on to users – they would also just get worse over time. So a bid for funding to cover the cost of an Energy Audit was put together submitted to the Building Research Establishment (BRE). This was successful and during October 2009 we undertook an Energy Audit at the Village Hall. The report indicated works to do and has guided us in the subsequent practical work/improvements, including the three major projects. Then – we got very busy applying for the necessary grant funding – from many different pots of money! 

We eventually raised approximately £52,000 to undertake measures that included: installation of zoned heating, re-roofing of three flat roof areas and the installation of a 24 panel Solar Photo Voltaic system. 

These were installed during October/November 2010 and we held our launch event/celebration event on February 16th 2011. Now our local groups can book and use the hall for free or at discounted rates meaning many the hall is accessible to everyone in the community. The hall has gone from strength to strength. It is very well used and is warm, cosy and solar powered!

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