Derrington Local Food Festival 2013

Sustainable food production, local food growing and healthy eating were all identified as issues local people were interested in and felt were important at the beginning of this initiative. So, in our first year, we held the inaugural Derrington Local Food Festival. This event has gone from strength and this year saw a record turn out! Each year we have focused on a  different theme: from bee keeping and why bees are so important, to keeping poultry at home; from visiting bats to butterflies in your garden; from the role of women in rural enterprise to the theme of ‘young growers’.

Our 2013 Food Festival featured one of our best garden friends, hedgehogs!  Visitors were absolutely thrilled to meet ‘Celly’, a rescue hedgehog, who escorted Joan Lockley from West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue to the event. Joan gave an informative talk to a spell-bound audience of over 50 people who squeezed in to the Village Hall Social Club to hear about her work with these spiny creatures, why they’re important and what we can do to help them!

We were joined by Lance Bell from the Vegetarian Society whose captivated audience learned about the work of his organisation and the health, environmental and economic benefits of a meat free or low meat diet.

This annual event really brings our community together; village residents, farmers and producers, people from neighbouring villages and from further afield too. It inspires people of all ages to have a go at ‘growing their own’ and shares an increasing understanding of why local, sustainable food production is so important.

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