What is it about?

Derrington Way Ahead aims to support the local community to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, and to help address environmental issues such as energy efficiency and climate change. It is supported by SBC, and other organisations, as Stafford Borough’s pilot low carbon community.

A key aim of the project is to reduce the amount of energy used by the residents of Derrington. This involves improving the energy efficiency of homes, looking at alternative means of transport, reducing amounts of waste, and sourcing food locally. The initial phase of the project involved a programme of events and activities to introduce various aspects of sustainable lifestyles, to inform and raise awareness. This has led on to numerous practical projects and lots of people getting involved!

Who is running it?

A steering group has been formed composed of enthusiastic Derrington people and representatives of the main outside agencies involved in the initial phase, particularly Sustainability Matters in Stafford Borough and the Borough Council.  However – everyone is welcome to get involved!!

Why do we need it?

Most people in the United Kingdom are not leading a sustainable lifestyle. If everyone in the world consumed as we do in the UK, the planet’s eco-systems would have collapsed a long time ago. We all need to adjust our lifestyles so that we use resources less wastefully, to ensure that future generations have the chance of a decent life.

Derrington is acting as a pioneer in the Borough, with many residents and visitors embracing a range of ideas and practical changes in their lives such as keeping hens, cycling to school, being more energy conscious and recycling more.

What works here can be used in other communities throughout the area. Stafford Borough, like other parts of the country, is required to take urgent action to reduce carbon emissions. Derrington can serve as a model that other communities can adopt.

Won’t ‘going green’ reduce my standard of living?

No! Improving your household’s energy efficiency will save you money in the long term. Also, a more sustainable lifestyle tends to support the local economy, with beneficial effects for local traders and businesses – such as our local farmers and producers. Furthermore, it strengthens local communities, and makes them more self-reliant and resilient to any external problems.

How is it funded?

The initial phase of the project was supported by Stafford Borough who bid for funding from an initiative called ‘Learning to Deliver’ and from the Staffordshire Aggregates Levy Grant Scheme. Since then, with help from SBC and other organisations such as Sustainability Matters and SCC we have managed to carry out lots of very varied projects – and have managed to access considerable grant funding, totaling almost £100,000, from a wide range of funders! 

Can I be involved?

Yes please! 

If you are interested in helping at any event or becoming involved in the steering group, please contact:


Karen Davies: tel: 01785 619408, or Send an E-mail

Sheena Davis: tel 01785 258981, or Send an E-mail

Cheryl Birks, tel 01785 251762, or Send an E-mail