To tackle the issue, Seighford Parish Council and Stafford Borough Council (Environment and Health) with support from Derrington Village Hall Management Committee and the Millennium Green Trustees, have teamed together to launch a six month campaign to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets.

The campaign features include –

· Campaign posters and updates – positive and negative!

· 6 hotspots!

· Installation of bag dispensers in some   areas

· Free issue of poo bags

· A count of dog fouling incidents before and during the campaign.

Dogs are wonderful companions for both young and old alike. However, along with the great joys that dogs bring, they also bring responsibility.

Dog fouling, besides being illegal and can incur a fine, is unhygienic, anti-social and a serious health threat. It can be particularly dangerous for children, yet some people think that it’s  acceptable to leave dog mess in the streets and in areas visited by youngsters.

Some people think it is acceptable to leave faeces in long grass/woods and there are those who leave behind their poo bags and fail to dispose of them responsibly – the latest phenomena being the dog poo tree, when it is thought acceptable to lob the bags into the nearest tree, where it can then hang from the branches indefinitely!!

Dog poo on shoes and clothing is bad enough, but picking it up on wheels of pushchairs and wheelchairs is even worse, especially when these have to be taken indoors.

With your help we want Derrington to be different, where together as a     community we can be proud to achieve dog poo free status by keeping our lovely village, including the beautiful Millennium Green and Duddas Wood, clean and safe – whether you are a dog owner or not.