“Planet Pledges” 

Made by visitors to the
Derrington Way Ahead Launch Event in May 2010

I pledge to help Derrington and our planet find a way ahead to a sustainable, local, low carbon future by:

Deb Felstead: ‘Using my bike to go to nursery this summer’
Neil Smith: ‘Planting more plants’
Pete: ‘I will recycle more’
Malcolm Millichap (Deputy Mayor): ‘Grow my own veg in pots and raised beds’
H L Oldfield: ‘I would like to learn to compost, act effectively and grow very own veg.  I will recycle more’
Neil Simpkin: ‘Cycling more and using the car less’
Paul Smythe: ‘Cycling to town each week (instead of going by car)’
Maggie Overton: ‘I live as sustainably as I can eg wildlife gardening, composting,
low energy bulbs etc.’
Peter Birks: ‘Recyling, Energy Conservation’
Beryl Metcalfe: ‘Growing vegetables’
S Kean: ‘To limit my carbon footprint ‘
Caitlin (aged 3): ‘Learn where to put empty cans for recycling’
Emma Hine: ‘Turning down heating when it is too high and using the car
as little as possible’
G Davies (Stafford Furniture Exchange): ‘Helping to reduce the amount of furniture being sent to landfill by recycling  and making available to members of the public who are in receipt of benefits’

J Jones: ‘Recycling, and not using my car as much’
I Holding: ‘Due to have the loft insulated’
Cheryl Birks: ‘Recycling, Energy Conservation’
B K Holding: ‘Continue to change light bulbs through the house’
Kim Squires: ‘Walking all journeys under two miles and cycling when I can’
N Simkin: ‘Walking to Derrington from Hyde Lea across the fields rather than drive’
J Jenkins: ‘Continue to recycle and support the village in its endeavours.
Organic allotment growing’
Geoff Parry: ‘Using low energy light bulbs. Growing my own produce where possible’
Jane Jacques: ‘Organic gardening. Riding my bike to work.
Recycle wherever possible’
J Jefferies: ‘Growing own veg’
John Dunning: ‘Using less electricity and gas’
Robert Simpson: ‘Ensuring I turn off the tap when I am cleaning my teeth’
Lucy Moore: ‘Ride my bike instead of driving my car’
Edward: ‘Walking a lot and recycling’
Stan: ‘Support climate change campaign’
R Bowers: ‘Learning to ride a bike and enjoy our pathways with our grand-children’
Mick Cresswell: ‘I live as sustainably as I can!’
Fiona Sheppard: ‘Recycling walking’
Mark Winnington: ‘Growing 40 acres of elephant grass to provide renewable energy’
Molly Sammons: ‘Lots of biking’
Karen Davies: ‘Remaining committed, cool and calm!!!!’
S Redpath: ‘Cycling to work more often’
M Champion: ‘Try to use Public Transport more than the car’
Will Sammons: ‘’To turn my bedroom light off in the morning’
R M Lofty: ‘Making world-wide issues re climate change known and on
Derrington Agenda’
Diane Parry: ‘Saving rainwater for veg and garden plants’
W. Dickenson: ‘I’ve got solar panels and pv panels’
Paul Boston: ‘By replicating similar initiatives at local level in my own Parish’
Barbara Alexander: ‘Continuing to grow more of our own vegetables’
T Redpath: ‘Cycling more, recycling more’
D Rostron: ‘Light bulbs’ and energy saving – utilities’
Mrs J Bevan: ‘Walking instead of driving.
Jules Hill: ‘To live as sustainably as possible’
Colin Roff: ‘Carrying out a renewable energy project’
Ray Sutherland: ‘Substitute cycling for car when able locally’
Helen Sammons: ‘To take carrier bags to butchers and bakers’
Judith Smythe: ‘To plant more trees’
Peter Thomas Hughes: ‘By repairing the chancel roof at the church’
P Parrett: ‘Grow more food at home. Try to get some allotments for our village’
Mr and Mrs Hilditch: ‘Using a wormery’
Anne Hine: ‘Recycling as much as possible.
Walking or cycling instead of using the car’
Sue Challinor: ‘Growing my own vegetables’
Roy Wood: ‘Continue to manage Derrington Millennium Green and look for ways to try expand our project’
Gail Bates: ‘Recycle. Cycle to work’
W S Tyrer: ‘Low car use. Walk and cycle’
Nathan Hine: ‘To buy an Eco friendly house’
Sheena Davis: ‘Cycle and walk more than I do at the moment’
J Greatholder: ‘Cycle 50 miles per week’