The following conditions are applicable for all bookings

  • All charges must be paid prior to the function taking place
  • All drinks, including soft drinks, must be supplied by Derrington Social Club. 
  • It is the responsibility of the person booking the room to control the noise levels of the music etc at the function in order to prevent disturbance to nearby residents
  • The room and kitchen must be cleared of all litter, and tables and chairs put away immediately following the function unless otherwise agreed with the Booking Secretary
  • Note that the Games Room is NOT included in the hire of the Hall
  • Notify guests that the Social Club is a PRIVATE MEMBERS CLUB and once drinks have been purchased, non members must vacate the club and return to the hall (Licensing Laws apply)
  • A list of all guests who are not members of the Social Club to be given to the Bar Steward prior to the event (required by Law).
  • A list of all guests to be given to Bar Steward prior to the event (required by Law)
  • Note that car parking is restricted and cannot be guaranteed for all guests.  Parking is NOT permitted on the Hall access road at any time
  • Please note that the whole of the building, including doorways, is a non smoking venue by law.  A shelter has been provided on the rear car park for the benefit of smokers
  • Derrington Village Hall Management Committee reserve the right to decline any booking without giving a reason