Following on from the Derrington Local Food Festival, in September 2014, where we learnt so much about barn owls and met some of them face to face, reps from Derrington’s Millennium Green Group, DWA and others met up again with Helen from the Barn Owl Action Group (BOAG) for a ‘walkabout’, to identify suitable sites to install some barn owl and tawny owl boxes. At an enthusiastic DWA meeting a plan was set out to erect at least two barn owl boxes in partnership with BOAG (one on the Millennium Green and another on the Millennium Wood).

This followed on from the successful Derrington Nest Box Day, held on Sunday 8th February 2015   when lots of people came to help put up around 25 nest – boxes that had previously been made by community volunteers at a community event.     

February – March 2015
With advice form the Barn Owl Action group, we located good sites to put up Tawny Owl Boxes and Barn Owl Boxes. During this period, volunteers made several Tawny Owl boxes from scratch. Some of these were saved till the Wild About Derrington event in April, and were then put together on the day.

The Tawny Owl Boxes have now been put up around the Millennium Wood and Millennium Green. Two Barn Owl Boxes have also been put up and will be monitored by BOAG in the future.  In the end these were erected on the edge of the Millennium Green and one over the bridge on Blackhole Lane in Karen’s field.

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IMG_3198           IMG_3196

          boxes  nest box

nest box in field

nest box in tree