Litter Pick Clean for the Queen Litter Pick April 2016

Litter is unsightly and dangerous too… Derrington Way Ahead supporters were one of many groups who organised a community litter pick as part of the Clean for the Queen Campaign this year. Though it was a bit drizzly we had three groups litter picking – and celebrated Olive’s birthday as well as the Queen’s! Thanks to everyone who helped – and also thanks to Colin and others who collect litter throughout the year, and to Streetscene, who provided litter pickers and bags.

If you’d like to arrange a litter pick, Streetscene can provide litter pickers and bags and can also collect and dispose of bags of litter afterwards. For more information, email or call 01785 619401.

litter-pick-pic-1 litter-pick-pic-2 litter-pick-pic-3 litter-pick-pic-4