We have received this e-mail from a lady in Australia who was born in Derrington.  This may be of interest to those of you researching your family history –

“Hello! I live in MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA, and …. I was born in DERRINGTON in JUNE 1942.  My PARENTS, ARTHUR WELLESLEY REDFERN and PHYLLIS IRENE REDFERN {Nee MARTIN] lived in a BUNGALOW at the TIME of my BIRTH. LANGLEY BUNGALOW it was called. I beleive the REDFERN FAMILY had a LONG HISTORY IN STAFFORDSHIRE and I thought you may know someone who would like to contact me for information if interested. Sincerely. Jane Williams.  janeshaven2@yahoo.com.au  “

We have also received a request for information as follows:-

“Does anyone living in Derrington know whereabouts the “Handly Page Hampden” bomber crashed in 1942 with the loss of all the flight crew.  My uncle; Douglas Weaving was the wireless operator and I would like to visit Derrington to see where he ended his life. Yours sincerely S. Leaver” 

If you are able to help Mr. Leaver, his e-mail address is:   sileaver@outlook.com