Barn Owls and the Staffordshire Barn Owl Action Group
‘From barns to boxes’

Barn Owls are a beautiful and iconic part of the British countryside. However, over the decades, their numbers have declined significantly for a number of reasons. The Barn Owl Action Group (BOAG) was set up in Staffordshire in 2001, when it was estimated that there were only about 30 pairs of Barn Owls left in the county. BOAG’s aim is to encourage the conservation of the Barn Owl in the county. To help achieve this, to date over 400 barn owl nest boxes have been installed. In Derrington we are working with BOAG to help conserve Barn Owls. Earlier this year two Barn Owl nest boxes were put up on large trees on the edge of the village – you may have spotted one on the Millennium Green. We are now eager to see who moves in!

To support this work Helen Cottam from BOAG visited the Village Hall on January 19th 2016 and gave a fascinating illustrated talk all about Barn Owls. We were thrilled that the hall was packed with people both from the village and beyond. Estimates of turnout vary from 60 up to 80!

Find out more about Barn Owls here:

.Helen Cottam Barn Owls 1

Helen and a trustee of the Barn Owl Action Group at Derrington Village Hall

barn owl 3 barn owl 2

Children dissecting owl pellets! (Photos by Helen Cottam)