Case Study One

One householder, (an 80 year old) had a single rate meter installed by a meter company 7 years ago, replacing her multi rate meter. Her only source of heating was electric storage heaters. She thought she was on Economy 7 and was shocked to find she was not. This explained her high fuel bills. Beat the Cold spoke to the fuel company, which she moved to 3 years ago, and found that she was on a standard tariff. As a result of Beat the Cold’s intervention the fuel company agreed to install a multi rate meter, free of charge, and volunteered to recalculate her fuel bill since the date she moved to them. She subsequently received a refund for £532.

She also had insufficient loft insulation, which Beat the Cold arranged to be topped up using the Over 70’s CERT scheme. She did not use her hot water cylinder because she had had a leak and was scared to leave it on.  We contacted a local electrician who recommended installing a timer for the Economy 7 rate and an hour boost button. He also checked the storage heaters were working correctly and fitted a hot water cylinder jacket.

Case Study Two

A family of two adults and two girls booked a home visit after attending the Local Food Festival. They were very enthusiastic about the idea of growing food and saving energy.They borrowed an Energy Monitor and have decided to invest in one of their own. 

Also they have become more aware of their transport habits and the girls now take public transport to school and mum has 20 minutes more in the mornings for a cup of coffee. They have also applied to the Boiler Scrappage Scheme for a replacement boiler. The girls are activity switching off equipment and light to save money. They show the energy monitor to everyone that comes to the house and tell others how good it is and how it saves money!

Mrs and Mrs Stanton’s Solar Panels

Mrs Stanton has had solar panels installed on the roof of her home in Mount Pleasant.

She is very pleased with their performance and says, ‘It’s better than keeping your money in the bank’.

Her solar panels system was one of the first to be installed through the Stafford Area Solar Discount Scheme (Visit).


Case Study Three

Other families have opted for greener lifestyles too. Across the village are scattered numerous solar PV installations, some of them installed through the local Stafford Area Community Solar Scheme (SACS details at: Visit Link). Mrs Stanton, from Mount Pleasant, was one of the first to participate in the SACS scheme, commenting that investing in solar panels is ‘better than money in the bank’.

Case Study Four

The trip to Stafford by bike, is much shorter than you’d imagine. It can be much quicker than both the car and the bus. Although it is not a form of transport for everyone, lots of people do ‘go by bike’. Karen commutes to work daily, up the Greenway and into the Town Centre. It helps her stay fit and is more convenient than getting stuck in the queues on the Newport Road. Sheena often nips to Sainsbury’s by bike, a real joy on a sunny day – and she has shaved the journey down to a nifty 12 minutes!


If you have any ‘green tips’ or try to be green in your daily living, let us know if you’d like to be our next case study!