Our Aims

Derrington – Way Ahead is a community project, set up in January 2009 and officially launched in May 2009.

It is led by the Derrington – Way Ahead Steering Group. This is a partnership of local people, representatives of community groups and community leaders  (eg Derrington Women’s Institute, Millennium Green Trustees, Derrington Village Hall Committee, St. Matthew’s Church, Derrington Brownies and Guides and Seighford Parish Council and others), plus several supporting organisations including Sustainability Matters and Stafford Borough Council.

Our aim is to promote and support more sustainable lifestyles in the village of Derrington and we have the objectives:

    • To raise awareness of sustainability issues, including climate change, amongst residents and visitors.
    • To organise events, set up projects and co-ordinate activities to promote more sustainable lifestyles and which inspire local action.
    • To help reduce the carbon footprint of the village, especially by helping to improve the energy efficiency of homes and other buildings, by promoting alternative means of transport, by reducing amounts of waste, and by sourcing food locally.
    • To be as inclusive as possible and to invite all people and households in around the village to participate, thus contributing to community cohesion.
    • To work with other village organisations to support action on sustainable development and environmental awareness.
    • To monitor, evaluate and measure progress and to make relevant information available to others, as well as to share good practice.
    • To raise funds, apply for grants, maintain accurate, clear and auditable financial records and work with a wide range of partners to achieve the above aims.


For a copy of our Constitution please contact Karen Davies
01785 619498 or email kdavies@staffordbc.gov.uk